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Lullabies, Love Songs, and Laments CD

Lullabies, Love Songs, and Laments CD

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Why Lullabies, Love Songs, and Laments? These songs are all about the shared experience of being human. As we wrote, we saw that theme of the richness of emotion was emerging: Love in all of it's forms, loss, regret, promise, and desire. We've embraced the concept that that thinking of grief as another form of love is really helpful. And just like a broken vessel put back together with gold, we’ve been learning to let go of the concept of “good as new”.

Sometimes, there really is no going back.

Lullabies, Love Songs, and Laments offers a glimpse into an entire spectrum of feelings and emotion, celebrating the paradox of experience…the bittersweet essence of life.

We’ve written 9 songs that reflect our love of all things gothic, haunted, and otherworldly. As with every Valentine Wolfe album, we worked hard to present more of what we feel makes our music a reflection of us: you’re going to hear haunted choruses of Sarah, maelstrom metal riffs that are essentially caprices for solo bass, haunted atmospheres and fragile neo-classical textures that give way to waves of gothic metal.

Deep into the darkness, dreaming…
released September 2, 2022
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